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Aggiornamento: 11 nov 2020

Hello everyone! Please, take a seat while we finish baking some pastries. There is no need to be shy, after all if you have arrived here you must be a lover of good food. Welcome to Verdetna, where cooking is our passion and searching for great tastes is our mission.

We are a company born from the desire to make known the gastronomic excellence of our beautiful Sicily, thus promoting the traditions and flavours of our territory.

Our name also represents our ideology. "Verde" means "green"; the green of pistachio, a kind of fruit with a very typical flavour and extremely versatile in cooking. This meets the majesty of "Etna", the biggest volcano in Europe and the the absolute queen of the Sicilian landscape. It is there, among the ancient villages, breath taking views and lava stones as far as the eye can see that our dream takes shape. A dream that all of you are part of, not only as our readers or customers, but as friends and tablemates.

We want this little corner of the internet to offer each one of you the opportunity to take a break from the challenges of the day and relax . We want to welcome you at our home to share the quality of our products and let you discover (and rediscover) the flavours of our land. We trust that among these pages you can draw inspiration from our recipes and, at the same time, unleash your imagination so that you can create new and equally delicious ones. So make yourself comfortable, have a good coffee with us and enjoy the aromas and flavours of the kitchen.

"There is no sincerer love than the love of food." George Bernard Shaw

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