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Pandetna, not your average Christmas dessert

- Christmas yes, Christmas no Let's be honest right away. When it comes to Christmas it is inevitable to generate divisions among people. Every year, as timely as the airing of “Love Actually” on television, the eternal ideological battle between the two great “parties” of the holidays takes place: the Elves and The Grinches. The first ones, enthustiastic supporters of Christmas spirit, begin making a list of presents and decorations they are going to buy while listening to Michael Bublé's music when it's still Summer! The second ones, instead, at the very thought Christmas get caught by acute headaches and would do anything to not spend yet another dinner in the company of all their relatives. We must acknowledge that both factions have numerous and valid arguments supporting their ideas and it is not our intention to take part in the long standing debate. On the contrary, dear friends, we intend to solve it once and for all. Are you wondering on how we intend to do that? Nothing simpler! The secret lies in putting aside our differences to focus on what unites us; and as we have always believed, the love for good food is an excellent starting point.

- The map of taste From North to South Italy food has always been a fundamental part of Christmas celebrations. The already immense culinary tradition of the peninsula is enriched with dishes that, in some cases, it is possible to enjoy only at this time of year. Pandoro in Veneto, panforte in Tuscany, cartellate in Puglia, struffoli in Campania and buccellato in Sicily are just some of the delicacies we want to enumerate, and each of them would certainly deserve its own article. However, here we wish to focus on the dessert that in our opinion best represents the essence of the gastronomic tradition linked to the Nativity. A dessert whose scent brings back childhood memories about presents under the tree. A dessert whose fragrance would be able to melt even the arid heart of the Scrooge of Dickensian memory. Naturally we are talking about it: the famous Panettone. - Between history and legend Italian folklore traces the origins of this dessert dating back the court of Ludovico il Moro, during the fifteenth century, when the Sforza family dominated the Dukedom of Milan. It is said that on Christmas Eve the noble lords had organized a banquet to which the most influential families of the time would be present. Unfortunately that very evening the Cook burned the dessert he prepared for the guests, thus risking to ruin the feast of his Masters and receive for this an exemplary punishment. It was then that Toni, a scullery boy serving in the kitchen, came to the man's rescue. The youngster, observing the despair of his direct superior, suggested serving a dish that he himself had prepared that day by putting together a few ingredients gathered here and there. Although it was a simple dough composed of flour, yeast, eggs, cedar peel and some raisins, the Cook had to conclude it was still better than showing up for dinner empty-handed. Against all odds the result was amazing! The nobles who tasted the extravagant sweet were so ecstatic they congratulated the Cook, who revealed with great honesty the identity of the true responsible of that success. From that moment on the “pan de Toni“ (“Toni's bread”), term that over the centuries gave rise to the modern” panettone", officially entered the national culinary scene remaining until today one of the most loved Chirstmas desserts by adults and children alike.

- Beyond Panettone As you must have understood by now we at Verdetna love tradition and wish to pass this passion for authentic and genuine flavors to all of you who follow us. Flavors capable to delight not only the palate but also the spirit, giving us all a sense of serenity that we need today more than ever. It is with regard of tradition we decided to give our personal touch to a great classic like panettone, enhancing the taste that we all know well through the addition of the ingredients from our territory. This is how Pandetna was born, our very personal tribute to the typical sweet from Milan, which will accompany your festive season with taste. Three delicious varieties are available:

Traditional Pandetna

A soft dessert naturally proved with filled with candied fruit and raisins with a delicious almond glaze on top. A timeless classic as you've never tasted it.

Chocolate Pandetna The fragrance of this dessert is combined with the aroma of chocolate giving life to a combination with a strong and enchanting taste. Each slice is a real triumph of flavor.

Pandetna with pistachio Our authentic trademark, pistachio cream, enriches this dessert giving it a unique and inimitable character. Let yourself be surprised by the elegance of this winning combination.

- It is time to try it Perfect for any occasion, our Pandetna is the tasty, genuine and affordable choice for everyone. Whether you want to make a gift or maybe add a note of color under the tree and then enjoy it with the people you love, we are sure that our product will live up to your expectations. Actually, much more than that. Because in every slice of Pandetna there are only the best ingredients carefully selected for you, dear friends, and because we firmly believe that each one of our customers deserves nothing less than excellence. Therefore, respectfully paraphrasing the great Nicolò Carosio, one of the most famous italian radio personalities from the past, we simply ask you, what are you waiting for? Do You Like Christmas? Celebrate with Pandetna. You don't like Christmas? Comfort yourself with Pandetna!

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